Should We Build Long Island's Ultimate Tabletop Gaming Center?

We Need Your Feedback!

After decades of gaming here at Grasshopper’s Comics, we want to build something new. But is Long Island ready for it? (Let us tell you about it and then you Tell Us Here!)

5,000 Square Feet of Gaming
Space for Hundreds of Players

It’s YOUR Club
Play the Games You Want
When You Want

Membership Based Discounts
On All Your Gaming Needs

A Space for Gamers
A Social Space For All Types
of Tabletop Games

Presenting PLANET MEEPLEan admission/membership based Tabletop Gaming Center designed to accommodate all kinds of tabletop gamers…all at the same time.

What makes it different? Let’s start with the space itself. PLANET MEEPLE will have 5,000 square feet of gaming! That’s enough for:

Seating for 80-100
trading card players

48 miniatures players
(24 miniatures tables!)

60 board game/RPG players
10 board game/RPG tables!

2 role playing groups
2 custom RPG rooms!

10 miniatures painters
custom hobby/paint station!

And more! 
All at the same time!

That’s space for over 200 people comfortably playing all kinds of games simultaneously!

Plus, our planned location in central Nassau County is not only easily accessible from most of Long Island, but a 5 minute Uber to a major LIRR station and only a short train ride to NYC.

A traditional store can only support so much. With limited space, stores are usually forced to limit play to one game at a time and focus exclusively on the games they can sell. But PLANET MEEPLE is a club and is all about playing games. You choose what to play and when.

  • Want to set up a weekly get together for a dead ccg like Decipher Star Wars? Sure, what time!
  • Want to have a mega-battle for 40K 2nd Edition? – Let’s dive into the Terrain Library!
  • Want to design your own rule set for figures you already have?Let’s arrange a play test!
  • Want to play Zombiecide inside a Mall Madness Board Game? – Sounds nuts. Let’s do it!

It’s not just about games, it’s about the gaming community. We’ll have tournaments, mega-battles, board game marathons, and campaigns galore. And here are just a few of the many unique things we’re excited to offer:

A “Club for Clubs”:

Get a few players together regularly for a particular game, even if it hasn’t been made in years, and you can form a Club. Clubs get benefits like regularly reserved table times, a Discord channel, and your own banner inside PLANET MEEPLE to let other gamers know when you meet up, how to join, and generally how great you are.

Looking For Players:

Between our Discord server and a digital In-Center LFP board, players will have new meet-up opportunities every day. We want to connect players and games. Post on the LFP and get some new people together for an afternoon.

Community Driven Programming

We’ve got plenty of ideas for events, but we want the community to make their own, too. Want to hold a Tournament? Mega Battle? Campaign? Painting Seminar? Board Game Marathon? You let us know what you want and we’ll help organize it.

Family D&D Camp:

Go on an adventure with your family. Join in on a multi-week campaign specifically for parents and kids to play together. Have fun and pass on the love of gaming.

Family Game Nights:

Bring the whole family down and we’ll teach everyone how to play a cool game. Add in a few surprises and it beats a night at the movies.

A “Protospeil” Game Design Club

Ever want to design your own game? We’re planning a monthly Game Design Club run by a graduate of the Bradley University Game Design program to discuss, design, and test out games. 

We take having fun seriously. And that means providing members with a wide range of gaming resources. Here’s just some of what we’ve got in mind:

Board Game & Starter Deck Library: 

You can expect everything from Candyland all the way to Twilight Imperium. We’ll be starting with hundreds of games, including starter decks of historic TCG’s, and will be adding constantly. 

Terrain Library

We’re terrain geeks who were famous for our terrain, and we’ll be building new sets frequently for a wide variety of miniatures games. From 3D printed buildings up to complete tabletops.

RPG & Rulebook Library

Expect an ever-growing library of RPG books and Miniatures Rulebooks so you have a treasure trove of opportunities to play new systems.

High Tech RPG Rooms

We’ve got some themed out, high-tech RPG rooms planned that will make any Dungeon Master drool. With everything from computerized tabletops to 3D dungeons, we want to give you the tools to make your next adventure awesome.

Dedicated Painting/Hobby Area

We’ll have a dedicated social space to build and paint your models and share techniques to get the absolute best results.

We will have all the hobby supplies you need, including dice, paint, card sleeves, deck boxes, rule books, starter sets and whatever else you need to support your hobby. We’ll be also do custom orders and pre-orders for new releases.

The best part? Your Admission/Membership will give you a discount on everything. Day Passes will come with a 10% Discount on all gaming related purchases, while Monthly Memberships will come with a 20% Discount on all gaming related purchases.

Whether you want to just visit once in a while or you plan on basically moving in, you’ll have an option that fits:

Day Pass

Unlimited All Day Gaming
$ 20
Daily Pass
  • Unlimited 1 Day Access
  • 10% Discount On All Game Purchases

Monthly Membership

Unlimited Access
$ 69
  • Unlimited Access All Month
  • 20% Discount On All Game Purchases
  • Reserve Tables in Advance
  • Ability to Reserve RPG Room
  • Ability To Rent A Locker

We’re planning on being open 6 days a week, so Monthly Membership is only $2.60 a day. Monthly Members will also get additional benefits like the ability to reserve tables and games, priority event registration, ability to rent lockers, monthly complimentary guest pass, and more.

We’ve done years of planning on this project. Now it’s time to reach out to the community.

Please help us gauge the level of interest by filling out this super short survey, and if you’re interested, sign up for our mailing list below and follow PLANET MEEPLE GAMES on Facebook and Instagram for all the updates.

If you have questions or comments, please let us know at

Thanks for all your support! We hope to be gaming with you soon!

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