Should We Build Long Island's Ultimate Tabletop Gaming Center?


Here are some of the questions we’ve been asked. If you have a question you don’t see answered please feel free to contact us.

Will there be Tournaments, Pre-Releases, or other Events?

We already have ideas for a huge list of events across all categories of gaming, including tournaments, campaigns, mega-battles, learn to play days, board game marathons, and lots more. But, we’re letting the community decide on what events you really want us to hold. So if you want Tournaments you’ve got ‘em. Friday Night Magic? Sure. You want to organize a campaign for your favorite miniatures game? We’ll help get it going. We’re responsive and looking to provide you with the gaming opportunities you want, not dictate them.

Can I really play “any game at any time”?

That’s the plan. We’re building a space that can literally hold hundreds of people playing a variety of games simultaneously. That means plenty of dedicated miniatures tables, card gaming tables, board game tables, and flex space that can be converted when needed. The only exceptions to this we foresee is if we’re having a big event in a certain gaming category. So while a major Magic tournament may mean limited space for other TCG players, it won’t affect the miniatures or board games areas, and vice versa for a Warhammer tournament in the Miniatures Area.

All events will be posted in advance on the website so you’ll have plenty of advance notice.

Is a Day Pass good for a few hours, a single game, or really the entire day?

A Day Pass gives you access to the entire center for the entire day. We know some places have Table Fees that only provide a few hours of play, but we’ll have enough space and tables that you can play all day. So come in and play a miniatures game, then sit in on a board game, then maybe borrow some trading card starter decks from the library and learn a new game. You are good for the day.

Will there be a family plan for membership?

Yes, there will be plans available for both couples and families.

Will there be discounts?

All Day Passes will come with a 10% Discount on all gaming related purchases made that day. A Monthly Membership will come with a 20% Discount on all gaming related purchases, which can seriously offset the cost of the Membership itself.

Will you have games to buy? Is there a store?

We’re planning on having a very big selection of all kinds of gaming accessories, such as dice, card sleeves, deck boxes, multiple lines of paint for miniatures, figure cases, card packs, and more. We’ll also include starter sets for the most popular games, core rule books, and the things needed to get you going on a new game. Beyond that we’ll listen to your needs. 

Can I custom order something you don’t have and get my discount on it?

Of course! We’re planning on doing custom orders weekly for our members. Simply tell us what you want and you’ll get your discount on that item, we’ll order it and have it ready for you when you come in the next week.

Are there other benefits to being a Member beyond coming any time I want?

Besides being able to come whenever you want (which works out to around only $2.60 per day for a Monthly Membership) and getting a 20% Discount on all game related purchases, Members will get additional benefits like:

  • Ability to reserve specific tables or terrain layouts up to 48 hours in advance

  • Access to a 24 Hour Member Pre-Sale for any Event Tickets or Registration

  • Ability to Reserve an RPG Room (Small rental fee may apply).

  • Ability to Rent a Locker

There will be more benefits announced as we open.

Will I be able to reserve a table?

Monthly members will be able to reserve a table up to 48 hours in advance. Official Clubs within Planet Meeple, for example a Decipher Star Wars CCG Club, can reserve regular weekly table space for their meetups.

Can I play a game that’s no longer made/you don’t sell?

You definitely can! Some of our favorite games are now defunct. Generally we understand that stores can’t dedicate space and resources to games that they can no longer sell. But Planet Meeple is about playing games, not selling them. So play what you enjoy. In fact, if you have a small group that regularly enjoys the game we’ll even help you form an official Club and find more players for you.

What’s the deal with “Clubs”?

If you’ve got a group together that loves to play a certain game you can form a “Club” within Planet Meeple. As a Club we’ll allow you to reserve space on an ongoing basis to meet up (For example: “The Netrunner Club meets up every Tuesday night at 6:30 on TCG Tables 1-4.”) We’ll also give you tools to promote your club and find new players, and you’ll get a nifty banner on display inside the Center.

Can kids come too?

Of course! In fact, we’re planning a lot of programming just for kids, as well as family based programs like Saturday Morning Parent/Child D&D Campaigns and Family Game Nights. Gaming fun knows no age requirement. (Note that kids under a certain age may need to be accompanied by an adult.)

Why do an Admission Based Center in the first place?

Let’s face it, space is expensive. The majority of game stores now need to charge some kind of “Table Fee” to justify the space they set aside for game play. But even with Table Fees they still have limited space, and have to make a huge number of accommodations that limit what and when people can play. By moving completely to an Admission/Membership model we can focus exclusively on providing the most space and great gaming opportunities, even things that would be impossible inside a traditional store like an RPG/Core Rulebook library that lets you borrow the books to play rather than buy them. 

Will you have terrain available?

We are terrain geeks! We were the first store in the country to ever be invited to bring our own custom built terrain table to Games Workshop’s Games Day in Baltimore, which was written up in WHITE DWARF Magazine. We are all about terrain. You can expect a wide variety of awesome terrain when we open and frequent additions as we keep building up cool stuff. We’ll have terrain for a variety of game systems and settings. We’ll have everything from stand alone buildings to complete custom built tabletops. And we will regularly be unveiling new sets. Trust us, it’s going to be awesome.

I’m looking for people to play with, can I meet new people there?

We’re setting up both an in-center and online “Looking For Players” board to do just that. Just show up, check out the board and see who’s looking for players to join them in a game. We’ll also be setting up an area where people can either find RPG groups to join or find more players for their existing groups. 

We’ve also got a lot of one-day events planned where people should have no problem showing up alone and joining in and meeting new players.

I live in the city, can I take the train to you?

The location we’re looking at is within walking distance, or a super short Uber ride, from the train station and a short ride into NYC. We’re aiming to be accessible to everyone.